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The Next Generation, 2021-2022:
The Adult's Edition

Who is eligible?

Anyone 18+ who wasn't featured in any of the Middle School, High School, or College books for this year's contest. United States residents only. 

The Prize

Winners will have their work published in a book specific to their state. If there aren't enough quality submissions in a given state to justify a state-specific book, those winning submissions will be featured in a National Edition which covers authors from across the country.


FREE and limited to ONE submission per prompt. There are 4 Poetry and 4 Short Story prompts to choose from. 

Please use the submission form below to submit your work for consideration. 

Please make sure your poems & stories are print ready when submitted.

Poetry Prompts

Each prompt has a Poetry Style, Emotional Theme, and Subject that must either be the topic of the poem or directly quoted. You MUST meet all three of these requirements for your poem to be eligible. 

1. Haiku, Scared, "Wheel" 

2. Limerick, Happy, "Sea" 

3. Rhyme, Angry, "Candy" 

4. Sonnet, Any Emotion, "Lemon"


All submitted work must be original. Any poems and stories that contain hateful and discriminatory language and/or themes will not be considered.

Short Story Prompts

Each prompt has a Genre, Perspective, Subject that must either be the topic of the story or directly quoted, and a Word Count range. You MUST meet all four of these requirements for your story to be eligible. 

1. Horror, 1st Person, "Butter" (1 paragraph)

2. Romance, 3rd Person, "Tulip" (300-500 words) 

3. Sci-Fi, 1st Person, "Hair" (500-750 words) 

4. Mystery, 3rd Person, "Recycle" (750-1,000 words)

Thank you to all those who participated! We will announce the winners shortly.