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The Power of Storytelling
The Battery That Runs the World

This booklet is a collection of our thoughts and observations regarding the importance of storytelling in society - supported by statistics from a variety of sources - and concludes with descriptions of the different careers one can pursue in the storytelling industry, from Actor and Animator to Technical Writer and Voice Actor.

This publication is available in PDF format for you to download ($4.00) OR in a professionally printed booklet that we will mail to you ($12.00). 

PDF's will be sent to the email provided. We will reach out to all print purchases to confirm shipping address within 48 hours - if you don't hear from us, please check your Spam folders!

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Writing Contests

To inspire the next generation of great authors and spark a love for writing and creativity, we created a writing contest unique to middle and high school students. 

This is an annual contest where the winners have their poems and stories published in anthologies so they can experience the joy and pride that comes with being published!

Students can also read past interviews we've done with authors to learn about their backgrounds and the trials & tribulations of writing!

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100 Writing Prompts

Looking for inspiration? You've come to the right place! We have 100 prompts to ignite that creative spark - 40 plots, 30 characters, 30 settings. 

We create new lists every year for you to purchase and download for just $4.00! 

The 2023 list will be live on January 1st but you can pre-order a copy today!

PDF's will be sent to the email provided.

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